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Join us at MorethanSalsa to take advantage of our professional instructors, welcoming community of dancers and fully-equipped studio. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, you can find it all at our exceptional Dance School. Reach out today to learn more!


Free Dance Studio

We are so delight to be back to our Dance Studio Classes. However, our classes will continue following Government Guidelines.
Social distancing Classes. The windows will remain open during the sessions and Bookings and payment in advance only.
Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.
Ready for dancing?
See you on the dance floor.



Dancing Off Those Calories
How many calories will you burn while dancing Cuban Salsa? That depends on the type of dancing. Here's a range of some of the most popular varieties, based on a 150-pound person, per hour:

* Swing dancing: 235 calories/hour
* Ballroom dancing: 265
* Square dancing: 280
* Ballet: 300
* Belly dancing: 380
* Salsa dancing: 420+
* Aerobic dancing: 540+ 

By now, the  Cuban Salsa craze seems to have hit every city, with clubs and dance studios popping everywhere. Popular 
television shows such as 
So You Think You Can Dance and Dance With the Stars have sparked interest in an entirely new audience that,
otherwise, would never have taken
any kind of partner dance class. It just proves that we all have a dancer within waiting to come out.
 "What if I have absolutely zero dance experience?" you may be asking. Then Salsa is perfect for you. People of all
ages and backgrounds, male and female, are taking classes to learn to dance Salsa. And mastering Salsa dance steps is not as difficult as you may think. The important thing to remember when dancing Salsa is that it's not just steps, it is a feeling. The word “Salsa,” the Spanish
word for sauce, was originally used to convey the hot and spicy “feelings” behind the movements. Nowadays, 
the word “Salsa” is recognized and widely accepted as the actual form of dance.

People learn to dance for many different reasons. Some take dance classes with serious intentions of mastering the art form. Others take dance classes to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Still, others may join a class for fun or as a way to connect with others. Whatever your 
reason for learning to dance, you will be glad you did.
Below are just a few of the ways Salsa dancing can improve your life:
Let’s be honest. Salsa dancing considerably opens up your pool of potential dating candidates. And you get to be up-close-and-personal in the process of getting to know others.
Did someone say gym? I didn’t think so. Because that is the last thing you will need if you get serious about
Salsa dancing. Your legs, arms, shoulders, hips, stomach and ankles are being exercised all at once for complete bodywork.
Forget dating. Salsa is simply a great way to meet new friends, network and socialize.


Salsa dancing is an extremely social activity and an amazing way to meet people.  The salsa scene in most cities
are relatively small, so ultimately you will probably get to know a group of people very well.  Salsa dancing is
a partner dance, so that alone forces you to become a social being.  In my experience, most salsa dancers are very warm and friendly and open to newcomers.  They simply want to have a really good time and would really enjoy dancing with someone new.  This is one of the easiest things you can do to meet a bunch of new really
nice people.


To become adequate at salsa dancing, you must develop a lot of discipline.  You need to be focused and willing to
practice consistently over the period of a 2-3 months before you can dance well.  This is a great activity to help you develop discipline.


You are constantly moving while salsa dancing and using just about every muscle in your body.  Because you are having so much fun dancing, you don't realize that you are actually getting a pretty good workout in.  Salsa dancing is a great way to reduce stress and increase your energy and strength.  Studies show that salsa dancing provides many health benefits for your heart, as, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and can reduce your heart rate over time.

Rhythm and Coordination:

In order to do well at salsa dancing, you need to learn to develop good rhythm and coordination.  Without these two things, you will not be successful at this dance.  With a good teacher and continued practice, you can learn to develop these skills and then use them going forward in all phases of your life.

Mental Benefits:

Salsa dancing can provide many mental benefits as well.  After improving at salsa dancing, you will slowly develop confidence and self-esteem that will be with you on and off the dance floor.  Becoming a great Salsa dancer is not an easy task, so to finally become an experienced dancer can be a very fulfilling experience.  The social nature of Cuban salsa dancing can also decrease stress and eliminate depression.  Cuban Salsa dancing is also a great mental workout as you will need to have certain moves memorized and you will need to think on your feet.

Feeling down? Attending a Salsa class or going out dancing can pick you up and shake you out of a habitual routine. Get ready to feel alive! 
Bored? Want to challenge yourself? Salsa dancing is a great way to learn a new skill, either alone or with a loved one in Cambridge.

The Mayo Clinic researchers reported that social dancing helps to:
*Reduce stress
*Increase energy
*Improve strength
*Increase coordination
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute says that dancing can:
*Lower your risk of coronary heart disease.
*Decrease blood pressure
*Strengthen the bones of your legs and hips.
Helps you release toxins via sweating.
A 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found dancing can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly. The study showed that dancing may be a triple benefit for the brain. Not only does the physical aspect of dancing increase blood flow to the brain, but also the social aspect of the activity leads to less stress, depression and loneliness. Further, dancing requires memorizing 
steps and working with a partner, both of which provide mental challenges that are crucial for brain health.


Samba is an old Brazilian style of dance that has many different variations. It has been performed as a street dance at carnivals for almost 100 years! Through time, Samba, also known as the Brazilian Waltz, has been transformed into a ballroom dance that features in a lot of competitions and is one of the most popular dances around the world. In recent times, Samba has been recognised as a beneficial exercise and is already a well-known fitness workout in a lot of gyms and fitness centres.
So, how can Samba benefit my health? Well, there are multiple reasons why you should be running to your nearest Samba class and getting a lifetime membership, and not all of them are the obvious ones you may be thinking of.


I know it may seem strange to add this one to the list of benefits, but trust me, it is a genuine benefit and a very good one. Samba dancing gives us the ability to breathe more efficiently and, however ludicrous it sounds, there are a lot of people that don’t know how to breathe properly. When we participate in Samba, we stretch and move our bodies in ways we are not used to, which gives our lungs more space to expand allowing more oxygen to enter our bodies. When we have a plentiful supply of oxygen in our bodies, it allows our cells to function more effectively giving us more energy, an increased state of alertness, and the ability to repair damaged tissues in the body. Prolonged exposure to effective breathing from Samba exercise means that our bodies can learn to utilise every breath and we can become healthier as a result.

Cardiovascular System:

It is often said that any form of dancing can be beneficial to the cardiovascular system. While this may be true, there are not many that are as effective at increasing heart health as Samba. The quick-paced steps and fast beats that accompany the dance mean that with every routine the heart has to work that little bit harder than it would have to for a softer dance such as Salsa. With the heart working harder, more blood can get to the muscles and organs, feeding them with a generous supply of oxygen. As well as this, the heart is a muscle so anytime it is beating over its normal resting rate; it is strengthening itself allowing it to pump blood more effectively.

Weight Loss:

As we all know, excess weight can lead to all sorts of health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. What better way to lose weight than by having fun! By participating in a local Samba class and making sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet, you can lose inches off your waist in a very small space of time.

If this hasn’t tempted you enough, then know that Samba is also a great way to meet new people and has been proven to lift your mood and help you to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle. So why not give it a try today!


If you are an absolute beginner to Salsa who wishes to learn quickly if you are not comfortable with group classes or just don’t have the time to attend weekly lessons, then having a private lesson will guarantee your fast progress in a very short period of time.
A private lesson will also provide you with all the technical requirements and the confidence to dance socially, relatively soon.

If you are an absolute beginner:

Learn from a genuine professional  and highly experienced Cuban instructor
You won’t need a partner, whether you are a  male or a female
You will receive personalised attention
All basic concepts and techniques will be covered and explained at a comfortable and easy pace
You will not require any previous experience
You will learn style, musical interpretation and movement
Men will learn how to lead
Ladies will learn how to follow and interpret the man’s lead and signals on the dance floor
You will be taught real Salsa and not a ballroom  version of it
You will learn to dance with elegance yet fluidly
You will learn in a short period of time
You will increase your confidence on the dance floor
You can book one private lesson as a trial for a person or a couple, with no obligation to book more lessons

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